Asus refuse to comment on nVidia/AMD laptop testing

Following our recent report on the nVidia laptop testing: nVidia alter benchmarks for Fastest Mobile GPU Crown, we made sure to get all sides of the story, including from Asus, who produce the 4870 mobile crossfire powered W90 that was used in the testing. Unfortunately they’ve declined to comment, wisely leaving it up to nVidia and AMD to sort out.

With Asus dealing with both companies on a day to day basis, both in their computer component and completed system businesses, it’s hardly surprising that they don’t want to get in the middle of this kind of story. With the graphics drivers that Asus provide on their website obviously sourced direct from AMD, it’s becoming clear that AMD looks like the source of the problem, not willing to provide up-to-date drivers on both their own website or to other companies that use their GPUs. But as previously reported AMD have so far not commented on this story, AMD have yet to Comment on nVidia Laptop Testing Fiasco, so until they do we really don’t have the whole picture and it’s mostly just speculation. Maybe AMD should take nVidias very open stance as a glowing example of what to do in situations like this, otherwise their silence will only increase the said speculation.

We hope that this story will be the catalyst (pun intended) for change at AMD, so they make sure to provide up-to-date GPU drivers for mobile systems on their own website in future, but only time will tell. As we’ve seen time and time again its drivers that make or break a graphics card, making it very important to have the latest versions widely and openly available. So if we do hear from AMD, you the eTeknix readers will be the very first to know!

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