ASUS preparing 27 inch 144Hz 3D monitor

The current generation of 3D Monitors work at a refresh of 120Hz which translates into 60Hz per eye as the 3D signal has to be generated for each eye in the 3D set up. Naturally, a lot of gamers haven’t been happy with only 60Hz per eye – many use 72Hz and 75Hz displays for greater responsiveness but 3D up until now has only been available in 60Hz per eye for the mainstream gamer.

Now ASUS is preparing its VG278HE 3D display. Operating at 144Hz, which translates into 72Hz per eye when using 3D mode this monitor offers a much more responsive stereoscopic 3D gaming experience. The LCD LED backlit panel supports up to a 1920 by 1080 resolution with a 2ms response time at a 27 inch size.

The monitor includes HDMI, VGA and Dual Link DVI but ASUS recommend using the dual link DVI port for 144Hz 3D gaming as the dual link DVI port provides the most bandwidth to accommodate the demanding application.Digital transmission of 1920 x 1080 at144 Hz equals the bandwidth needed for 3840 x 2160 at 72 Hz.

The VG278HE will support Nvidia’s 3D Vision 2, but as always you need to purchase Nvidia’s 3D Kit separately. It features some 6 watt integrated speakers but most people are unlikely to use those. Its mounting system allows for height and tilt adjustments and ASUS are yet to release the monitor’s pricing details.