ASUS Cerberus Gaming Peripherals Review – A Full Gaming Setup for Under £100!

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A Closer Look – Cerberus Gaming Headset

In the box for the headset, you’ll find a small adaptor cable, a 4-pole to dual 3-pole adapter for desktop use, and a detachable boom microphone.


The headset comes hard-wired with a good length black braided cable, which looks quite nice but will also help improve the cables durability.


There’s even a compact in-line controller with shirt clip on the cable, allowing you to easily make changes to the master volume, or mute the microphone. There’s also a pin-hole microphone here, which is really handy when you’re using these as headphones on a mobile device.


On the base of the ear cup, you’ll find the hard-wired audio cable as well as a small port for the detachable microphone. Detachable microphones are great when you’re playing single player games, as the headset can feel less intrusive with the microphone removed.


The headset has a mostly plastic finish and it does look a little cheaper than I was hoping, but the plastic chosen as very lightweight and that provides you with a more comfortable fit after a marathon gaming session. There’s a small ASUS logo on the side, behind which you’ll find a glossy finish, a soft matte outer section and finally, a little bit of red trim around the edges of the ear cups. It’s a nice mixture of textures overall that makes it aesthetically pleasing, without being over the top.


The ear cups are treated with a memory foam padding and leather covers which provide a snug fit around your ears. The leather coating, as well as the closed back design of the drivers helps block a good amount of external noise, which is going to be a nice advantage when gaming in a busy environment. The closed back design is also helpful with improving bass response and while not especially heavy on the low-end, there’s an impressive amount of clarity to be heard, with crystal clear mid and high frequency and distortion free bass. When gaming there’s a really “big” feel to the soundscape that helps you feel like the drivers are more distant, and it’s not as tiring on the ears when you’ve got things turned up nice and loud.


The headband is quite flexible but capable of holding the drivers snug to your head, without being uncomfortable. The inner section of the headband is spring mounted, allowing it to automatically adjust to your head size, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting the adjustments right.


The boom microphone is a good length and is easily positioned thanks to its flexible boom. The quality of the microphone is nice and clear, nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done for gaming or Skype calls. What I do like is that voice tones sound quite natural and clear through the drivers, making it a nice headset to use for calls.


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