Asus Booth At Insomnia i51

As we start to round-up on an busy day here at Insomnia i51, we stopped by the huge Asus booth to check out what they had on display. First up is the Tom Logan built system which features the Corsair 760T chassis, SLI GTX 760 graphics cards and some very funky vinyl detailing.

The new Asus graphics cards and motherboards are on display, featuring the huge coolers which make the cards wider than most any other on the market, but they certainly do look stunning. On the left you’ll see the ROG Mars 760 4GD5 and on the right the mini-ITX ROG Maximum VI Impact motherboard.

The ROG Maximum VI Formula on the left offers some of the highest specs on the market, a great choice for those wanting a high-end gaming system and even better when paired with something like the Striker GTX760-P-4GD5 graphics card you can see on the right.

Moving further into enthusiast teritory you’ll find the incredibly powerful (and expensive) Matrix GTX 780TI-P-3GD5, one of the fastest graphics cards ever created! and when you pair that up with the ROG Maximum Extreme motherboard on the right, you’ve got one of the greatest combinations in gaming history.

Finally in this cabinet we have the gorgeous ROG Maximus VI Hero and the ROG Poseidon GTX 780-P-3GD5 Direct CU H20 edition graphics card, which offers up the choice of both water and air cooling for maximum performance.


Plenty of ROG gaming rigs on display for people to sit down and have a go on.

I’m not normally a fan of this kind of pre-built system, but the ROG systems do stand out from the crowd, especially in those funky custom Asus chassis.

That’s all from the Asus booth for now, but we’ll be back shortly with even more coverage from this weekends show at Insomnia i51.