Astro A40 TR + Mix Amp Pro & Mod Kit Multi-Format Pro Gaming Headset Review

A Closer Look Continued

The headset its self is certainly attractive, in fact, I’ll go as far as saying it’s the best-looking headset we’ve ever had in the eTeknix office, although that much is true of every other Astro headset we’ve tested. The build quality is superb, a mixture of glossy white panel and soft silver highlights. It’s flexible too, but still feels sturdy and strong, without compromising on a relatively lightweight design.

The back of each ear cup has a backplate, each held in place with four strong magnets, allowing you to quickly remove and change the panel. The stock panels give the ear cups an open-back design, but as you’ll see with the Mod Kit, this can be changed to a closed back design.

The other backplate has an opening for the microphone mount, but as you can see above, there’s a microphone mount behind the other backplate too. Each plate can be swapped to the other side of the headset, meaning you can mount the microphone on either side, while leaving the other one covered up as normal; a nice touch!

The microphone fits very securely, but also allows you to pivot it. You can fold it up out of the way, or adjust it for the optimal speaking position.

The headband adjustment is done with this slider, allowing you to tailor the headset to the perfect fit.

There’s a good range here too, allowing younger and older games to comfortably wear the headset.

The top of the headband has two flexible bars with a smaller and removable support in the middle of them.

There’s a thick layer of padding on the other side of the central section, giving you a cosy fit over your head.

The 3.5mm cable connects to the bottom of the ear cup and the housing for the jack is metal, so is naturally quite durable too.

The padding on the ear cups is nothing short of luxury, some of the softest and best fitting I’ve ever seen.

Four magnets hold the ear cup padding in place, allowing you to easily remove it.

Since they’re removable, you can easily clean and maintain them or even replace them when they become worn out.

The memory foam padding is super soft, which provides an excellent fit over your ears while reducing a lot of pressure on your head from the headset.

Both of the ear cups can be rotated inwards, allowing the headset to rest comfortably around your neck when you need a break.