ASRock’s Complete Haswell Motherboard Line Up Revealed

ASRock have rapidly become one of the most premium and desired of all the motherboard vendors in a relatively short space of time. Since P67 ASRock have really upped their game producing some of the best looking, most featured packed and good value for money motherboards on the market. If these latest “leaked” images of the ASRock Haswell motherboard series are to be believed then this fantastic trend looks set to continue.

According to the leaked source ASRock will be producing three series of motherboards for Haswell; Extreme, OC Formula and Fatal1ty. All Extreme and OC branded motherboards will use the Z87 chipset while one of the two Fatal1ty series motherboards will use H87 and the other Z87. The H87 one is branded as performance while the Z87 one as professional. All models marked with a “/ac” will carry integrated network Wi-Fi chips.

As you can see ASRock is continuing its OC Formula motherboard series, created first for Z77, with Z87 using that excellent yellow and black colour scheme.

Revealed slides of the ASRock Extreme6 Z87 motherboard show it will be opting for what appears to be dual Intel Ethernet.

As mentioned above the Fatal1ty series is going to be delivered with two variants, the H87 Performance model and the Z87 Professional model.

What are your thoughts on the looks of, and models available in, the new ASRock Haswell motherboard line up?