ASRock Rack at CeBIT 2015

ASRock Rack have got all their latest motherboard solutions on display at CeBIT 2015, while not the same as their consumer division, which we’ll be taking a look at later today, they’ve still got some very exciting products. One that really caught our attention, is the board you can see above, which features support for the Xeon E5 v3 series processors, and comes equipped with all the features you would expect from a great workstation board.

This is another great board, which features the Xeon socketet, like many of the boards above, comes equipped wih three LAN connections, USB 3.0, 4-SODIMM slots and would no doubt make a great solution for a compact workstation, networking systems and a whole lot more. It’s really great to see boards this small that are capable of running such high-end processors.

We’ll be checking out the consumer ASRock boards later today and we’re told there will be something pretty special on display too, so stay tuned for more.