ASRock Fatal1ty H97 Performance (LGA 1150) Motherboard Review


Overclocking was a fairly simple process, dial in a 48X multiplier (which is the maximum our chip does) and dial in 1.275 volts. The overclock was stable and worked fine but for some reason the motherboard kept forcing the voltage up to 1.35v even though I set manual override of 1.275 volts. I’m not quite sure why this was happening as both other ASRock motherboards I used, which incidentally have identical BIOSes, did not have this same problem. The 1.35v caused the CPU to overheat in some extended tests so this was quite disappointing. Either way it is important to make it specifically clear that you can overclock K series unlocked CPUs on this motherboard. Most people will likely use a Core i5 4670K on this motherboard and this will overclock just fine. Don’t believe any of the drivel people are spreading about you not being able to overclock on any Haswell chipset other than Z97, it simply isn’t true.