ASRock Fatal1ty H97 Performance (LGA 1150) Motherboard Review

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Software Overview


The main hub of ASRock’s software is the F-Stream utility. This is the almost-unifying piece of software that allows you to access most the other main software programs through the tools tab. It also allows you to monitor and overclock your system as well as update your motherboard drivers, UEFI and even directly contact ASRock tech support. This piece of software is fairly nice to use, although it does feel a little fragmented in that most of the links to other software and tools merely launch in separate windows, not within F-Stream. It would be nice to see ASRock unify all their software programs within the interface of F-Stream so that users only need to install one centralised ASRock software.


One of the selling points of ASRock’s LAN implementation is the XFast LAN software. Explained simply this is just CFOS traffic management, prioritisation and shaping software that has been OEM produced for ASRock but it does give you a staggering number of internet management options and if you’re someone who likes this kind of stuff then it’s great.

ASRock Z97X Fatality Killer software xfastlan

ASRock App Shop

Next up is the ASRock App Shop which actually disappointed me a little. The range of apps are fairly mediocre, it doesn’t even have all the ASRock software available and what’s more half of it is in a foreign language. ASRock have always struck me as one of those brands who are a bit too Asian for the Western market and it’s software like this that create that impression. I think the ASRock App Shop needs a redesign, a better selection of apps and more effective language controls dependent on the user selected language. I chose English but I am still bombarded with Asian apps and languages which is slightly menacing.

ASRock Z97X Fatality Killer software 4 XSplit

ASRock offer XSplit Gamecaster and Broadcaster with this motherboard but only the Broadcaster is actually “unique” software in that you get a 3 month premium license with this motherboard. The version of Gamecaster offered is just a free version anyone can access. The three month premium version of XSplit Broadcaster ASRock are offering has a retail value of $24.95 so it’s great to see it chucked in for free. You can find out more about XSplit Broadcaster here.

ASRock Z97X Fatality Killer software xsplit



ASRock claim to have given their cloud management software a huge overhaul by moving their software to Orbweb.ME developed by Kloudian instead of using their previous ASRock Cloud software. ASRock go over and explain the features on their website here. Yes, the explanatory video is fairly cringe with its interesting mix of chinglish and bad dub-overs but you get the idea. ASRock claim the three year subscription to Orbweb.ME that they offer is worth $150 USD ($50 per year) based on current pricing. Some of the features the software includes are:

  • Remote desktoping
  • Wake on WAN
  • File explorer and transfer
  • Browser based access
  • Media library sharing

Article Index

  1. Introduction, Specifications and Packaging
  2. A Closer Look & Layout Analysis
  3. The Test System and Test Software
  4. BIOS
  5. Software Overview
  6. Overclocking
  7. CPU Performance
  8. GPU Performance
  9. Memory Performance
  10. SATA, M.2 and USB Performance
  11. Networking Performance
  12. Audio Performance
  13. Power Consumption and Thermals
  14. Final Thoughts
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  • Avatar Will says:

    Just upgraded my rig a couple of days ago, decided to go with the H97 and an i7 4790. the motherboard is awesome for something termed as budget, I bought it at a retailer for $130 (AUD) I was considering spending the extra $300 for a high end. z97. I’m happy I didn’t 🙂

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