ASRock Fatal1ty H97 Performance (LGA 1150) Motherboard Review


ASRock’s BIOS is fairly traditional and intuitive in terms of the layout: it has that usual “tab” design where all the key components are grouped along the top of the screen. As a result the BIOS is fairly simple to get around and the BIOS is surprisingly attractive given its sizeable full HD resolution. This allows the BIOS to cram more options into the screen and as a result it becomes fairly easy to identify where things are. The tool tab is particularly interesting because it has a whole range of unique features like the ASRock Dehumidifier function, a system browsing utility, the ability to update the UEFI in multiple different ways and a way to contact tech support from within the BIOS. The traditional overclocking options for the CPU and DRAM are found in the OC Tweaker tab and are fairly straight forward to navigate. Even though this is a H97 motherboard ASRock still give you the option to overclock K series CPUs very easily, you can do it the “normal way” just like it is a Z97 motherboard or you can use the Non-Z OC function which has preset OC profiles for K series Haswell CPUs. Overall the ASRock UEFI BIOS is competent, attractive and easy to use and I think I prefer it to those UEFIs offered by Gigabyte and MSI although it can’t quite trump the ASUS UEFI.