ASRock Demonstrate Overclocking On H87 And B85

The belief that only the highest end chipset motherboards can overclocked has be common place. In fact during Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge Core series Intel processor generations all the low end chipsets did not support overclocking. However, ASRock show that something has changed with Haswell and they are demonstrating overclocking of K Series CPUs on H87 and B85 Haswell chipsets. As far as I am aware ASRock are the only motherboard vendor who offer overclocking of K Series CPUs on H87 and B85 motherboards and this is a pretty cool development in my opinion.

ASRock’s Fatal1ty H87 motherboard is the first to allow for such Haswell overclocking using ASRock’s “Non-Z OC” feature which is placed within their UEFI BIOS. If you already have a Fatal1ty H87 Performance motherboard then ASRock are providing a new BIOS update with the Non-Z OC feature. I am certainly hoping that more motherboard vendors take this feature on and offer overclocking because if it can hit mainstream H87 and B85 motherboards then we could easily see budget Intel gaming systems become more affordable as you can pick up B85 and H87 motherboards for around 30% cheaper than the cheapest Z87 motherboards. Of course if it only comes with the Fatal1ty H87 motherboard then it is a kind-of pointless feature and this motherboard is a lot more expensive than many Z87 motherboards.


Image(s) courtesy of ASRock