ASKTech introduces an entirely fanless mini-ITX HTPC chassis


ASKTech, a Japanese company, recently introduced its latest ultra-compact fanless mini-ITX case; the NT-TX3000BK.

The case is designed to sit in your living room, while in the end, it’s the costumers choice, this chassis is the perfect HTPC. It measures 295 x 270 x 76 mm (WxDxH) and can hold  a mini-ITX motherboard with Intel LGA775, 1155 or 1156. The case is limited to these sockets as well as CPUs with TDP under 65W due to the limitations of the power supply and the included heatsink.

This limitation comes partially from the cooler, dubbed ZENO for zero noise, it consists of a base with retention module from which two sets of heatpipes emerge and lead to the two sides of the case where the heat is passively dissipated. The body of this fanless chassis acts as an entire heatsink for the CPU.

To ease installation, the location of the base can be adjusted, same can be done for the contact of the heatpipes on the side of the case. This allows the user not to worry about the location of the CPU.

As for the second limitation, the 100W power supply is external to the case and can be used either directly on a 12V supply featured on some motherboard, or can be used with the additional PCB that sits inside the case and converts the power to 24+4 pin ATX connectors.

As for the included features, unfortunately no optical drives can be installed, although the case supports two 2.5″ drives, includes a low profile-PCI slot as well as two USB 2.0 inputs on the rear.

In addition, the NT-TX3000BK comes bundled with a Windows Media Centre-compliant remote control and its USB receiver.

Pricing and availability haven’t been mentioned.

For more information please refer to the official product page.

Source: Press Release