Asetek Factory Video Shows How a Closed Loop Liquid Cooler is Made

Asetek is the industry’s leader in closed-loop cooling solutions and manufacturers the majority of these products for major companies including Corsair. Arguably, they created the idea for a simple all-in-one unit and threatened legal action against any similar devices which infringed on their patents. As a result, Asetek is the dominant force in sealed water cooling and looks set to have a monopoly in this market. Despite the legal wrangling, it’s always fascinating to see how any product is made especially on such a vast scale.

Recently, Asetek released a video showing the workforce and steps needed to create the Corsair H75 cooler. It’s certainly worth a watch and provides a great insight into their production line. Compared to other traditional air coolers, it’s vital to eliminate any potential problems during the manufacturing process as any leaks will have disastrous consequences. Thankfully, the failure rates on Asetek units are extremely low and very reliable.

That being said, I’d like to see other companies have the freedom to invent new designs and innovate in this sector. Asetek’s attempts so far to control the market have been successful and the lack of competition is never a good thing for consumers.