Arctic Reveals a New Passive Cooler for Intel LGA115x Sockets

Not everybody uses PCs for gaming or CPU-intensive applications such as image editing, in which case owning a large and noisy fan-based cooler is definitely overkill. Sure, if you’re planning to game a lot, this latest offering from Arctic might not be the most ideal, but if you’re just going to use your PC for web browsing and such, then it’s definitely a good idea to pick up a passive cooler, especially if you’re using a relatively modest CPU. Arctic has just revealed its Alpine M1 passive cooler, which is aimed specifically at Intel LGA 115x sockets.

This product boasts a cooling capacity of 48W (TDP), which means that it should definitely be enough for dual-core LGA1150 processors or for newer LGA1151 Core i3, Celeron, Pentium or energy-efficient Core i5s. As far as design is concerned, Arctic decided to keep things simple once again, as the Alpine M1 is basically a large piece of aluminium that was ridged in order to form heatsink fins. The area that covers the CPU is bulged slightly, and it comes with pre-applied thermal paste. Weighing in at 508 g, the new Alpine M1 measures 95 mm x 95 mm x 69 mm, and it can be purchased for just €13.

Do you think that your PC would benefit from this cooler, or is it simply not good enough for your CPU?