Arctic Releases 5-Port 8A USB Smart Charger

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When it comes to charging your smart devices then you got a whole lot of options. You can use the adapter you got along with the purchase, you can connect the USB cable to any kind of host devices such as your computer, smart tv, router, and more or you can use a smart and dedicated charger.

There aren’t many homes with just one device that needs charging, I know I’m looking at two smartphones and two tablets right now that all need to be charged regularly and be full of juice when I need them. With individual chargers, I take up a lot of power outlets and with my computer or other USB port I might get a slower charging result; if they deliver enough power at all.

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That is where Arctic’s new Smart Charger comes into play. This isn’t the first of it’s kind, but it looks like a solid choice. The Arctic Smart Charger 8000 packs every protection feature you’ll want and it also provides enough juice to charge your devices as fast as possible.

With 8,000 m, the Smart Charger delivers even enough output to charge three tablets and two smartphones with high speed at once. The integrated voltage stability and overcurrent protection ensure furthermore that the charging is not only fast and smart but also safe.

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  • Smart charging technology to guarantee maximum compatibility
  • Intelligent detection of the connected devices for maximum charging speed
  • 8 A total output
  • Voltage stability to ensure lasting fast charging
  • Over current protection
  • Functional and portable for the perfect use in office, at home and while travelling
  • 1m AC cable for the perfect use for out of reach sockets
  • 83 % efficiency minimum
  • Fully compliant with CE safety requirements

The Smart Charger 8000 is now available now for at a special price of £18.99 through Amazon. The normal MSRP is £29.99.

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