Arctic iPhone 4 Soft Case Review

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With the mobile phone industry set to be worth 200bn by the middle of 2012, smart phone technology is big business. Mobile phone retailers are forever devising new ways to entice members of the public to buy into new phone packages, offering huge incentives to take out smart phone contracts.

With the latest IOS devices such as the iphone 4s range being a popular choice of handset amongst phone users, handsets are worth in excess of £700 and it is understandable that people are keen to protect their investment by purchasing a protective case to help prevent unforeseen accidents from costing them hefty repair bills.The most popular solution to this problem is to purchase a cheap screen protector and case from your local mobile phone retail outlet.

There are also insurance schemes out there that will cover your handset against possible damage, However these can be expensive with high excess limits if claims are made. The mobile accessory case market is big money, With so many variations of hard, Soft, coloured and translucent cases to choose from it is hard to cut through the chaff to find something that is going to protect your handset and keep it looking as good as the day you bought it.

Today we are looking at a product by Arctic that is set to offer rugged protection for your iphone 4 in the form of a Soft shell Phone case. We reviewed the hard case version at the end of last year and found it to be an extremely high quality product.

The Arctic soft Case is wrapped in the same packaging as its Hard case partner. The design of this packaging is a typical shop presentation format that would look at home in any mobile retail outlet. With a sleek design, the packaging clearly identifies the key features of the case in a linear format down one side.

These feature icons are set against a mat silver background that diffuses, reflected light to give the packaging a two tone appearance. As with the hard variant, the soft case packaging clearly states that this case is compatible with the white iphone 4 which is marginally thicker than its black counterpart.

The main body of the packaging is taken up by a clear vacuum formed shell, allowing a full length view of the case and a clear idea of its colour and texture.
On closer inspection when removing the case from the packaging it is clear that it is made from a really high quality plastic. The surface of the case and the high quality finish of the edges give it an executive feel. Looking around the case, all of the relevant holes are precision moulded and cut to accommodate the various buttons and connectivity ports around the perimeter of the device.

The outside of the cover has a rubberised texture that improves the users grip, minimising the risk of accidental damage. Unlike other cases on the market, the Arctic soft case is designed for a precision fit. The case slips over the phone with ease and wraps over the front of the handset locking it tight to the phone. Once on, the case does not flex or peal back like some soft cases on the market. It feels rouged and durable with a quality feel to it.

The skin of the case is Semi transparent and allows you to see through to the handset and that wonderful Apple styling. The apple logo and various trade mark symbols on the rear of the handset are also clearly visable.

The camera has been accommodated for with a generously sized cut-out, offering uninterrupted functionality including the devices flash light application.

We are impressed by the overall quality of this case and have found it is easier to fit and remove than its Arctic hard case counterpart. With arctic looking to crack such a tough industry, they will not be able to impress everyone but hope they can hit a big market share whilst they’re at it.

The current market already has a diverse range of cases out there and people are always looking for a unique style to suit their personality. However we are sure the quality feel of the Arctic soft case will have a warm reception to the market and the fact that it fits the iPhone perfectly, whereas other similar models from different brands always seem to have that “corners cut” approach and that reflects in the quality.

I have to confess that my previous cases have always been variations on the hard shell design. However after looking at Arctic’s latest product I have opted to change to the soft case cover due to its flawless design and precision quality fit and will continue to use this case for the foreseeable future.

I feel assured that whatever I may throw at my handset the Arctic Soft Case is sure to keep it Safe in all situations.

Currently on the market at $10.95 or €8.41EUR from Arctic directly, the soft case is extremely good value for money. Many other rival products are currently being sold for double the price with a poorer build quality than the Arctic soft case as explained earlier.

With this in mind it is clear that Arctic have successfully managed to produce a successful product cheaply and affordably without compromising on its overall quality. Additional elements such as the enhanced shock absorption and anti slip materials used give the product longevity in this market place where other cases tend to fail, especially when looking at a similar price point.

Arctic as a brand do not tend to disappoint with their products and their latest offerings have most certainly impressed us here at eTeknix and we personally can’t wait to see what they come up with next, as we know it will have the same great design and build quality that we saw today, if not, better.

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