Arctic cooling releases latest cooler in its graphics card series

Arctic cooling have announced its new Accelero Xtreme Plus II VGA cooler. This is an improved version of the existing Accelero Xtreme Plus I VGA cooler. According to arctic the cooler has been redesigned to not only bring enhanced cooling through better arrangement of heatsink fins but also the cooler has been designed with flexibility in mind allowing for a greater range of cards to be compatible with the Plus II than the Plus I cooler.

In terms of notable cards which this now supports that it previously didn’t there is added “out-of-the-box” design compatibility with the GTX 580 and the HD 6970. In terms of the cooler itself it still utilises three 92mm fans with an aluminum heat sink (with 83 fins) to cover the GPU processor itself as well as additional heat sinks for other parts of the graphics card.

The main heat sink is formed of five 6mm copper heat pipes attached to a solid copper base. In addition to the changes brought to the mounting plate to allow compatibility with more cards the Accelero Xtreme Plus II will also be shipped with more VRM and memory heat sinks.

The three 92mm fans on the cooler run at 900-2000RPM and are fully adjustable. The whole cooler totals 288mm in length so adequate space is needed to fit this cooler (11.5 inches approx). It is also worth nothing the cooler comes with G-1 thermal glue for attaching all the relevant heat sinks and components to your graphics card.

The cooler will weigh 0.9kg and the recommended RRP will be around $65 which is similar in price to the current “Plus I” version of the cooler

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