Arctic Announces Freezer i11 CO CPU Cooler

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Arctic is one of the most respected manufacturers of CPU coolers in the industry and provides astonishing products at a ridiculously low price point. Many consumers ditch their processor’s stock cooler for a higher end alternative due to the improved thermal dissipation and lower noise levels. Even at the CPU’s stock frequency, its beneficial to purchase a slightly better cooling solution. Clearly, you don’t want to go overboard though because modern CPUs such as Intel’s latest Skylake architecture are efficient at stock values. Arctic’s Freezer 7 Pro and Freezer 13 offer an astonishing price to performance ratio and rival products at a significantly higher cost. At around £15-25, both units are a great choice for the average consumer wanting to upgrade their system’s hardware.


Today, Arctic unveiled the Freezer i11 CO CPU cooler designed for 24/7 operation and provides up to 150 watts of cooling capacity. Not only that, the product is equipped with a premium Japanese dual ball bearing fan which reduces rotational friction and is significantly less sensitive to dust and high temperatures. When compared to standard models, the bundled fan lasts five times longer!


On another note, the 92mm PWM fan is more efficient due to fluidic analysis. In basic terms, this means the fan offers greater cooling performance at reduced noise levels. As you can see, the product has three direct copper heatpipes to ensure heat can easily dissipate fast to the fins. The cooler also features a very easy to setup and versatile mounting apparatus which enhances the user-experience. The mounting system is transport-proof which prevents any damage from occurring once your system is being moved. This is pretty important due to the advent of flexing on Skylake processors. The bundle comes with a tube of MX-4 thermal paste to apply a few re-applications.


Available now, the i11 CO CPU Cooler is priced at GBP £25.99 (incl. VAT).

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