Apps for Sporting Enthusiasts

Smartphones and their applications have changed the world. Long gone are the times where we would have to source our news from the daily newspapers, play our games on a console plugged into a television and teach ourselves to play guitar from a book. One sector that smartphone technology has completely revolutionised is the sports world. Owning a smartphone is a pleasure for any sports fan and you can come to expect that their phones will be littered with various sporting apps. So which are the best to have on your phone?

Sky Sports

In Britain, Sky Sports is the home of sport. With six television channels devoted solely to sport, the company has an unrivalled amount of sporting coverage and hence has the best news and scoops thanks to their intricate network of sources. For the latest football, cricket, tennis, F1 and rugby news, download the Sky Sports app. Their coverage on American sports is impressive, although not quite as good as their US counterparts, but they will not be beaten on European coverage.

Betfair betting app

Coinciding with the rise of smartphones has been the rise of internet betting. With betting now involving just a few taps of your forefinger, a lot more of us are partaking in it. In June 2013, 4.3 per cent of iPhone users had an online betting application. You can expect that number to be far higher now after the successful 2014 World Cup. There are a lot of betting applications in the market, all of which offer the same at the core. However, what sets betfair apart is the ease of the application combined with some of the best promotions in the sector and extensive betting markets. If you are a fan of horse racing online betting then you will really like it. Not only do they have some of the most attractive odds but they also allow punters to watch races that they have bet on.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

When it comes to sports video games they don’t come much better than EA’s flagship FIFA franchise. In 2013, FIFA made up 27% of EA Sports’ net revenues and 23% of their gross profits. This time about EA have unrolled the most popular aspect of the video game to mobile users; FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). FUT sees you start out with a randomly composed team and your aim is to make it to the top division whilst assembling the team that you want to play with; players can be bought in packs or you can individually search for players. After playing the latest FUT on iOS you will certainly be impressed. The gameplay is fluid and the graphics for a phone are staggering. What makes FUT so enticing is that it is the perfect five-minute filler. If you have a ten-minute train journey you can have a quick match. Right now there is no better sports game in the app store.

Tiger Woods: My Swing

Getting the right swing is the hardest part of golf. Once you have a decent motion you are capable of playing on just about any course. That said, mastering the stroke is a craft and one that takes some serious hours. If you have ever looked at golf lessons you will know how extortionate they can be; that is where Tiger Woods: My Swing comes in. Here you can take tips off the master himself or analyse your own swing. You use the front-facing camera to record your motion and then you get the analysis that the application provides. You can even compare your swing to that of Woods’ himself. That is of course if you want to.

Nike Training Club

With the New Year now being ushered in it is time for a lot of us to try and burn off the timber we put on over the body-destroying Christmas period. As we all know, exercising is something that is a lot easier said than done. If this is something that applies to you then download the Nike Training Club. This free app is perfect for novices, providing you with numerous workout routines centred on your own level of fitness and targeting specific areas of the body. It is a rewarding app in two senses: one, it helps you lose weight; and two, the more you workout the more bonus regimes, recipes and fitness tips you unlock.

Stick Cricket

Another game and another worldie; Stick Cricket has come a long way this past decade. What was once one of the most enjoyable online games, and an unblocked site at school, made the move into the smartphone game market a while back. Since then it has only enhanced its already sublime reputation. Like FUT it is the perfect filler game, but there are also much longer game modes like World Domination, which has 16 levels for the gamer to complete. It is a silly, entertaining game that ticks all the boxes in the fun department.