Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ App Receives The Reception it Deserves

Apple created its first Android app on the Google Play Store, entitled, “Move to iOS” which migrates your personal data when switching to an Apple handset. I’m not entirely sure if this naivety or arrogance, but what did Apple expect from the majority of users on Android? Obviously, the app has been massively downvoted and there’s currently 17,710 people who awarded the app one star. While you could say this is due to Android fanboys, I honestly think Apple’s attitude in making this app deserves a great deal of criticism. I presume most of the one star reviews are an objection to Apple’s claims about the large numbers of people flocking to iOS from Android.

Here is a selection of user reviews to give you an indication about why they are upset:

“Really?? First of all, why in the whole world, would I migrate from Android to iOS?!? I don’t see any reason at all! Second of all, seriously?! An Android app looking like a iOS?? IMHO, Apple should have showed some respect and followed android material design! How does Google allow such kind of thing? Come on!!!”

“Stay Away from this app unless you are ready to live rest of your life without one kidney. I installed it on my new Xperia M4 Aqua dual and it suggested me to buy two iphone6 plus since i’ve been using dual sim handset. Not worth it.”

“Do not install this junk!!! Google never made any kind of app that can move from iOS to android and this app as you see it said “you can recycle your android phone at any Apple store” It said RECYCLE!! What’s wrong with Apple.”

Whether you support Apple or Android’s ecosystem, it’s difficult to argue about the app’s terrible integration in a rival storefront. Surely, Apple’s marketing team just wanted to abuse its position and start a flame-war. As a technology critic, I have to say fanboyism benefits no-one and Apple is actively promoting it via this scheme.