Apple’s Latest Macbook Is Being Downplayed by PC Makers on Twitter

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Apple’s competitors really like to mock its products (a lot). Dell, Asus and Lenovo are one of them, and through some tweets, the PC manufacturers attempt to prove that Apple’s products are not the only ‘thin’ products with high-res display available on the market.


According to Lenovo, its Yoga 3 Pro is not only slimmer, but also has more ports and a higher resolution touch display. However, the only small inconvenience is that the Yoga 3 Pro weighs in 0.62 lbs more than Apple’s own MacBook.


Dell took a similar approach by tweeting that its XPS 13 features a display with 2 million pixels more than MacBook’s counterpart. Dell also did not forget to mention that the XPS 13 features a lot of USB ports, mini-DisplayPort and SD card reader.


Lastly, we have Asus’ ultra-slim ZenBook. The laptop has a thickness of just 12.3 mm compared to the MacBook’s 13.1 mm and also comes with the usual connectivity such as USB, mini HDMI and even costs half of what Apple’s asking for the MacBook.

Given the fact that pre-orders for the new MacBook begin on the 10th of April, there is still time for competitors to downplay Apple’s product even more.

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6 Comments on Apple’s Latest Macbook Is Being Downplayed by PC Makers on Twitter

  • Avatar lemonrsiow says:

    You don’t need to read the tweets to know that all Apple products are way overpriced and over-hyped…

  • Avatar Raymond says:

    I love apple products but the prices are way higher. Average economy persons can’t afford it

  • Avatar Bansaku says:

    Normally Apple is on the ball in terms of fair pricing. This time however, wtf Apple?! Literally $500 overpriced for what you get. I can Hackintosh both a ZenBook or Yoga 3 and still have money left over vs the new MacBook. Bad form Apple…..

    • Avatar Tom W says:

      I hope you don’t honestly think that Apple has ever been ‘on the ball’ with pricing. They have always overpriced their products; especially when you compare them to competitors.

    • Avatar Louie Hill says:

      Normally Apples products are massively overpriced to their competitors. Any of their products have at /least/ an approx 50% price hike on them. If you think that they’re reasonably priced, you’re either seriously sucked into the hype drain, OR you’ve never even thought to look at something else of the same price.

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