Apple Wins iPod Trial, Jobs Video Not to Be Released

As many of you will know by now, Apple won that largely pointless iPod/iTunes DRM trial last week. That trial featured a video deposition of Steve Jobs, one that a number of major news outlets attempted to have released to the public. That effort has now been thwarted.

The judge presiding over the case decided that it was not necessary for it to be released as it was “not a judicial record”.

“Here, the Court agrees with the Eighth Circuit and concludes that the Jobs Deposition is not a judicial record. It was not admitted into evidence as an exhibit. Instead, the Jobs Deposition was merely presented in lieu of live testimony due to the witness’s unavailability, and was and should be treated in the same manner as any other live testimony offered at trial. As is typical of all live testimony, it is properly made available to the public through its initial courtroom presentation and, subsequently, via the official court transcript, the latter of which is the judicial record of such testimony.”

Apparently the judge made the decision based on a previous case involving a video deposition of President Bill Clinton and due to the fact that Apple fiercely attempted to prevent its release.

Source: AppleInsider Via: MacRumors