Apple Watch 2 Reportedly Coming in Q2 2016

The first iteration of the Apple Watch has sold remarkably well despite being publicly ridiculed. Clearly, the top-end pricing reaches eye-watering levels but the basic models are still relatively affordable. However, for a similar price, you can purchase a Japanese or Swiss timepiece with years of engineering prowess behind it. Despite this, it seems the Apple Watch is a success story, and according to Apple’s supplier, Quanta Computer, a new model is planned for release in Q2 2016.

During this initial release window, supplies will be limited, but stock should improve by the third quarter. This raises questions about the longevity of the original Apple Watch and its second-hand value. These concerns were raised prior to the Apple Watch announcement,and still hold validity. As with any Apple product, I doubt the value will plummet, but I’m fascinated to see how the second model differs from its predecessor.

Sadly, there’s no information regarding design changes, or the retail pricing. Although, this should be revealed in the coming months. It’s important to remember that the Apple Watch has a life-cycle of 2 years compared to other devices with a yearly product revision. The price though makes it compete with traditional luxury, mechanical watches and I cannot see people making the switch any time (if you’ll excuse the pun) soon.