Apple Suffers Massive iTunes Connect Error

Apple has suffered a massive error with its iTunes Connect service for developers. The online service, which is designed to allow software developers to manage the apps they publish, had literally gone haywire earlier today, but has since been fixed.

Rather startlingly, a significant number of users who signed in to iTunes Connect found that they had been logged into accounts belonging to other people. A number of users took to Twitter to prove that they had access to the accounts of other developers, and in some cases access to accounts belonging to major companies, such as Time Magazine, as can be seen in the tweet bellow.

Many reported that they could see apps that were either in development or being reviewed, leaking details of apps yet to be released by other developers. Despite this though, users were limited in what they could do to other’s accounts – trying to change various account settings and modifying apps didn’t really do anything other than return an error.

Apple quickly took the service offline and it has since been fixed, with iTunes Connect back open.

Source: 9to5Mac