Apple Spring Event Started out in an Unusual Matter

Today’s Apple Spring Event is anything but the usual Apple event and one that showed differences right from the start. Tim Cook entered the stage wearing a cardigan, something that surprised many. But this isn’t about what anyone is wearing but rather the new technology. The Apple Watch event didn’t start out with much information about the watch.

At first we got some numbers on how Apple is performing as a business, which isn’t really relevant to most of use. Next, we got more information about Apple TV, the black lunchbox-sized set-top box. Richard Plepler, the CEO of HBO got on stage and announced Apple as exclusive partner for HBONow. Apple TV is now the official device of Game of Thrones, something that might give people a reason to actually buy this box.

HBONow will cost $14.99 a month in April with the first month free, double the price of Netflix. To firmly stamp in Apple as the official partner, the new Game of Thrones trailer is played – really not the typical Apple Event. Tim Cook returned to the stage after and revealed that the price of Apple TV will be lowered from $99 to $69, most likely a direct response to Fire TV.

Thanks to Mashable for providing us with this information.