Apple Said Only 9 iPhones Bent – Here’s a Video of 300 of Them!

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Here we were, thinking that we had heard the last of Bendgate. Let us summarise what Bendgate is all about, just in case you should have been out of media coverage since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were launched.

The first images and complaints about bent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus appeared just a few days after the launch-event on twitter and other social media sites. People were complaining about their brand new expensive phones bending while carrying them in their trouser pockets.

Defenders claimed that people were at own fault when having their phones in the back-pocket or skin-tight jeans. But it didn’t just happen in those scenarios according to reports, it also happened to people wearing normal trousers and having the iPhone in the front pocket. Apple publicly denied that this was a big issue and said they only got reports of 9 phones in total that had bent.

The internet wasn’t satisfied with this statement and about a month ago a new website sprung up called One of the Nine. Their goal is collect photos of bent iPhones to show that more than nine units are affected like Apple said. Despite not having had much media coverage, the site already got 327 photos where off the first 300 images have been compiled into a video accompanied by a song that’s almost guaranteed to make you smile while watching it.

Thanks to BGR for providing us with this information

Video courtesy of One of the Nine

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4 Comments on Apple Said Only 9 iPhones Bent – Here’s a Video of 300 of Them!

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I liked the accompanying song. The devices shell is supposed to be made from aloominum (aluminium to those of us who speak English) so why not weld some rebar to it if you’re worried about the bending?

  • Avatar Jarvis says:

    Apple always has and always will deny there are faults in their hardware. This is almost reminiscent of the issue with the iphone 4’s antenna.

  • Avatar Mike says:

    3310 is still the shit
    snake <3

  • Avatar Gboss says:

    With Apple, its always everyone else’s fault..

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