Apple To Produce More Than 5 Million Watches in First Run

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will produce 5-6 million Apple Watches in their first production run. It’s said that half of this number will be the low-end ‘Apple Watch Sport’, starting at $349. A third of those produced will be the stainless steel “mid-teer” ‘Apple Watch’ and the rest going to the highly expensive 18-karat gold ‘Apple Watch Edition’. It’s also said that the company expects to produce 1 million ‘Edition’ models a month following the launch.

“Orders for Apple Watch Edition – the high-end model featuring 18-karat gold casing – are relatively small in the first quarter but Apple plans to start producing more than one million units per month in the second quarter, the person said. Analysts expect demand for the high-end watches to be strong in China where Apple’s sales are booming.”

It’s worth pointing out that only 1 million Android Wear devices were sold last year – that being the entire year. So with the Apple Watch going on sale in April it will be interesting to see just how strong the demand will really be.

Source: The Wall Street Journal