Apple Press Event Rumoured For Late February – Watch, Ultra Thin MacBook Air

A new rumour has surfaced that says Apple will be having a late February event. French site iGen says that the company will be introducing one of its most talked about unannounced products and one of its most talked about announced products – the 12 inch MacBook Air and of course the Apple Watch.

They say that the focus of the event will be a redesigned MacBook Air – specifically a 12-inch model, that will supposedly be thinner, even lighter and, according to some suggestions, feature only one port. That single port will take the role of the device’s I/O and power input, in a similar way to the iPad’s Lightening port.

They also say that the event will also feature new details about the Apple Watch, with the company expected to reveal new details about the device before its launch in February.

While iGen’s sources are quite often reliable, Apple rumour mill behemoth, 9to5Mac says that this is not the case. Their sources have said that no such event is planned. So that of course brings these claims into doubt – however both are still unofficial so either could be wrong.