Apple Is Thought to Have Ordered between 70 – 80 Million next-gen iPhones

Sources of the Wall Street Journal say that Apple has made an enormous order for their next generation flagship model, the iPhone 6. The 70 – 80 million units made will be split between the two models. There is apparently going to be a 4.7 inch display model and a 5.5 inch display model, this is why the production will be divided.

If you compare these figures to order for Apple’s last phone, the iPhone 5c and 5s, you’ll see that there are about 20 million more on order. Last time around Apple ordered 50 – 60 million of the 5c and 5s phones and still come across shortages. My guess is that they want to eliminate this problem by guesstimating sales as the last model proved extremely popular.

Things have changed in the past year for Apple, with the company making a big deal with China Mobile, which has over 790 million subscribers on its network. We should expect Apple to make some considerable changes to the iPhone 6, in both the software and hardware departments.

I personally use android and don’t have time for Apple’s greedy corporate structure, soldering hardware onto other hardware so it’s un-fixable if it breaks, that kind of thing and won’t be buying this phone but many of you will I can imagine. So who out there is already looking at purchasing Apple’s next generation model?

Thanks to TweakTown for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of TweakTown.