Apple and Google in $415 Million Lawsuit Settlement

After 60,000 employees of Google, Apple, Intel, and Adobe filed a class action lawsuit against the companies – alleging that they had agreed a no-poaching agreement between them, blocking potential employment opportunities –years ago, the four tech giants have offered to settle for $415 million.

Last year, the companies offered a lower settlement of £324.5 million which was rejected by Judge Lucy Koh, as she believed the plaintiffs we deserving of a higher figure. The original suit was seeking $3 billion.

Despite offering a new settlement, at least one of the accused businesses pleads innocence. In an interview with Cnet, and Intel spokesperson said, “We deny the allegations contained in the suit and we deny that we violated any laws or that we have any obligation to the plaintiff. We elected to settle the matter in order to avoid the risk, burdens and uncertainty of ongoing litigation.”

Source: KitGuru