AOC Q2963PM 29″ UWHD AH-IPS Monitor Review

A Closer Look

Starting off with the stand, we can first of all note that this panel does not have any height or rotational adjustment built-in. The Q2963PM also has a large 23 x 21cm foot print, so if you’re using a small desk, you may wish to consider a VESA mount. Getting the stand to attach to the rest of the monitor is very quick and easy. Two metal plugs stick out of the base plate – each with a small latch and these lock into the upper part of the stand to give an A-frame type look from the side.

Looking around at the back of the stand, we find a sticker with all the regulatory information that the screen conforms to whilst the serial number is found towards the bottom. To the left of the recess we find a push button. This button ‘unlocks’ the base plate from the rest of the stand, in the event of upgrading to a VESA mount or moving location.

Moving over to the panel itself, on the lower edge of the arm we find a DC power jack, 3.5mm audio output, 3.5mm audio input, DisplayPort output (for daisy chaining panels together) MHL-HDMI input and to either side a hole where the lower part of the stand is inserted.

On the left hand side of the arm, another set of inputs include DVI, D-Sub (VGA) and DisplayPort.

On the back of the arm, a simple back plate covers the VESA mount point and removing this, allows for a VESA 100 mount to be fitted.

With both parts of the monitor fitted together in almost no time at all, we can get a better feel at how the complete unit will sit on a desk. Whilst the screen is not that different in height to a number of fixed height 22″ panels, the difference obviously is in its width. Stretching to just over 71cm wide, the Q2963PM is a large panel in its own respect.

Turning the completed unit around, we can get a better perspective at how the inputs on the monitor are positioned. With the main inputs housed to the left hand side of the A-frame type arm, those at the bottom a little less accessible. At the peak of the stand, it’s clear that there is not height adjustment available, but AOC do allow for some pivoting of the panel to +20° / -5° . Lastly we can also note a small pair of speakers that are set into the stand on either side.

At a glance, the Q2963PM appears to have one of the thinnest bezels out there on the market, but this is not quite as thin as one would thing when looking at the screen from a distance. Getting up close and personal with the AH-IPS panel, we can see that there is in fact a large border around the active area of the display, so whilst the bezel may look to be only a few mm wide at the top and a couple of cm to either side, it’s more the size of that found on most displays.

On the right hand edge of the monitor is a discretely hidden set of buttons for power and navigating through the OSD. Considering there are no indications as to what each button does, once pressed a set if images appear on-screen next to them to keep things in check.