AOC Q2577PWQ 25″ IPS Monitor Review

Final Thoughts


The AOC Q2577PWQ monitor is currently available from OverclockersUK for the reasonable price of £229.99. The monitor is hard to find in the US, but prices from lesser reputable retailers hover around $450.


When it comes to the looks of any monitor, the actual unit itself if rather bland and the only detail really is the logo and the base plate. AOC has made an effort with this monitor by having extremely thin physical bezels and a large lower bezel with a brushed-metal effect that really draws your attention in; it matches well with the base plate that is also of the same style. The monitor arm is sleek, yet very strong and I honestly didn’t know that there was any vertical movement until I looked online because of how secure each level is. The monitor itself is very user-friendly, with an intuitive menu system and a rock solid navigation method that so many of us should have had experience with at one time or another.

The display provided some of the best colours I’ve seen with a huge contrast and brightness range to top it off. Only monitors that are double the price have been close to this performance in my experience. When watching the media I had lined up, I was thoroughly impressed with what the monitor was producing, particularly the colours for the uncalibrated tests. Sadly as with most IPS panels, the response time of 5ms (average) hindered the overall gaming experience when I loaded up Battlefield 4 with some minor ghosting.

I have only very recently moved to 1440p myself, so the space on offer is superb, even more so that this resolution is offered on a relatively small 25″ display. Images are crisp and picking out the detail in videos (of the correct resolution) was a breeze. Personally 24″-28″ is the realm of the 1440p monitor, any lower and detail would be lost due to larger pixels and any bigger would result in a loss of detail from too many pixels.


  • Perfect resolution for screen size
  • Vibrant colours
  • Built-in speakers
  • Excellent detail reproduction
  • Reasonable price (given specification)
  • Good user adjustment
  • Easy to navigate menus


  • Poor US availability


  • Ghosting is present in some instances, but this isn’t a gaming monitor

“The AOC Q2577PWQ is a cheap QHD monitor with amazing colours, contrast and brightness levels. Picture perfect quality for those that need it!”

Thank you to AOC for providing this review sample.