AOC G2460PG 24″ G-Sync Monitor Review

Final Thoughts


The AOC G2460PG G-Sync monitor is currently available from OverclockersUK for the very reasonable price of £299.99. I tend to find AOC stock scarce in the US, but has this monitor available for just $349.99, however that is on offer from $549.99, so grab them quick!


I want to love this monitor so much, it’s one of the cheapest G-Sync monitors on the market and has a feature set to make monitors double the price sweat. However, the resolution is a crippler for me, I would have much preferred 100 or 120hz refresh rate and a 1440p resolution to make writing articles and testing easier, BUT this monitor isn’t designed for working on, it’s designed purposely for gaming and it does a good job of it too.

When I pulled the monitor out of the box, the calibration was pretty good apart from the 90% brightness setting, once that was lowered to around 43% everything was perfect. When I then calibrated the monitor, things started to go pear-shaped, nothing happened or it got slightly worse! This is the first time that I’ve had a brand new monitor present results like this, but AOC really hit the nail on the head with the stock calibration of this monitor.

The monitor isn’t the greatest thing to look at, it has a pretty thick bezel around the entire monitor which would make NVIDIA Surround (or Eyefinity if you happened to buy this with an AMD graphics card). AOC did try to break it up with a green line across the bottom to break up the black and reinforce G-Sync features and it works, but I think thinner bezels would have been a better option.

One thing that I actually like, but could be seen as a negative because it’s missing is the lack of speakers. From experience, built-in speakers lack depth and clarity that headphones and external speakers, but some consumers might not have those additional peripherals and require the built-in speakers as a temporary measure while they save or wait for the new audio peripherals to come.


  • Almost perfect screen calibration from factory
  • Vibrant colours
  • Built-in speakers
  • Excellent price for a G-Sync monitor
  • Good user adjustment
  • Easy to navigate menus


  • Thick bezels would be an issue for multi-monitor set-ups in the future


  • Screen resolution could be bigger to help with potential productivity
  • Lack of built-in speakers could be an issue for some buyers

“The AOC Q2577PWQ is a cheap QHD monitor with amazing colours, contrast and brightness levels. Picture perfect quality for those that need it!”

AOC G2460PG 24″ G-Sync Monitor Review

Thank you to AOC for providing this review sample.