Antec Strictly Power VPF550 Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Interior

Wow, there really isn’t a lot of hardware inside here, although I guess it doesn’t take much to push 550W of power anyway! There’s quite a bit of space between the few components through, so airflow and cooling will hopefully be pretty good.

The AC line filtering stage is looking decent enough, but some of the soldering looks a bit scruffy.

It’s quite hard to see the main output capacitors here due to the mess of cables that is required for those hard-wired connectors, but there’s a mixture of Samxon, Nippon, Taicon and Rubycon thrown into the mix, certainly a better selection than I was expecting.

The main bulk capacitor is a Samxon made part, rated for 220uf, 450v and 105c.

A small PCB at the front provides some of the lower voltage cables and there’s a few smaller caps, as well as a few other small PCBs with coils on them. I’ve not seen this design before, but it seems practical from a cooling point of view.

The fan is nothing fancy, just a 2200RPM 120mm fan, which is speed controlled by the PSU.