Antec Strictly Power VPF550 Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Exterior

Power Supply Unit

It’s a fairly standard looking PSU, nothing fancy, but it is quite compact, so it’ll be well suited to some smaller Micro-ATX chassis. There’s a good amount of ventilation in the top and an Antec branded 120mm fan installed for cooling.

The other side is just a blank panel, nothing fancy, but nothing out of the ordinary either.

The main specification sticker on is on the side of the PSU, showing us what we have two +12V rails, with 30A on each. This isn’t a huge amount of power, but it’s more than enough for a mid-range GPU configuration.

A good amount of ventilation at the back, as well as the AC line-in and the master power switch.


The cables are about as basic as you could expect, all hard-wired, with only the 24-pin featuring any braiding. There’s a pair of 6+2 pin PCI-E cables, as well as a mixture of Molex, Sata and a Floppy connector.