Antec @ Insomnia i50

eTeknix are here at Insomnia  i50 Lanniversary, exploring everything that Antec booth have to offer. attendance is packed and the crowd is keen to explore all the latest tech on display at the show. So let’s get to it and see exactly what Antec have to offer.

Here we see a stunning build from Pexon PC’s, featuring the Antec P280 chassis (our review) and some beautiful water cooling with copper pipe work and some custom sleeved cables. Of course Antec don’t sell this system, but it shows the potential for what their chassis can do.

Also on display we have the massive Nineteen Hundred, their latest super tower which will be available at retail next month, and we hope to have a full review of it shortly after.

Featuring plenty of room for storage, expansion cards and large motherboards, it certainly looks like a tempting options.

On display we have a range of popular Antec coolers, including their new designed Kulher 650 which we recently reviewed.

A few competition on the go, where you can drop by the booth, compete and win some prizes. So be sure to drop by the booth and join in the fun.

A range of fans, including their LED range, all of which look fantastic (no pun intended).

Also on display are their brand new AMP mobile headsets, bluetooth equipped and wireless, they’re so new, this is all we know about them, but we hope well see a full review on the site in a few weeks time.

That’s it from the Antec booth today and we think they’re new chassis and headsets are really cool, keep and eye on the booth and well be bringing you more coverage from the show later today.