Another Smartwatch Contender – Samsung Curved Gear S

Rumors have been circulating of Apples apparent plans to release their iWatch on the 9th of September, in conjunction with their iPhone 6. Doing so has thrust smartwatches directly into the limelight. As with many other markets that Apple are involved in, Samsung wants their ‘thumb in the pie’, thus, they are introducing another smartwatch to their range – the Samsung Curved Gear S.

All things curved seem to be a big Samsung led trend these days. They’ve released curved televisions and curved smartphones with competitor LG said to be releasing a curved laptop into the mix. Following this trend, the Samsung Curved Gear S will feature a 2-ich curved AMOLED display, complete with 3G technology all connected via Bluetooth and WiFi.

The watch will provide you with similar functionality as all other smartwatches, allowing you to answer phone calls, utilize its GPS functionality and monitor select applications. As with many other smartwatch plans, this product will once again be targeting the health and fitness consumer audience, providing their new product with S Health features and marketing it as a fitness tracker.

Samsung’s new smartwatch is set for release this October – the price is yet to be announced. For more information, view the official release.

Image courtesy of HiConsumption