Anonymous Threatens to Take down BBC If Jeremy Clarkson Isn’t Reinstated

by - 7 years ago


Hackers from the self-proclaimed online activist group Anonymous have threatened to bring down the BBC website unless Jeremy Clarkson is reinstated. Anonymous new operation that reminds us more of a toddler that doesn’t get its way than anything else is dubbed #OpBringBackClarkson and is now in effect.

“Dear BBC, you don’t wanna piss off 300 million people,” said Anonymous. “You are warned: DDOS cannons will fire if you don’t comply. Bring back Clarkson!”

So now we know what the hackers watch when they aren’t using the DDoS tools, Top Gear. Anonymous is a fairly disparate group and they have no centralized leadership, so it might just be a couple rogue elements in the group and not all of them. But the threat is out there and it will be interesting to see how BBC reacts to it.

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12 Comments on Anonymous Threatens to Take down BBC If Jeremy Clarkson Isn’t Reinstated

  • Avatar Sgt Bilko says:

    Finally they can put their power to some good use!

  • Avatar Weem says:

    VERY bad, now the BBC will have moral grounds… “we don’t give in to terrorist threats, blah blah”. Just one more reason not to bring Clarkson back, that’s what they’ll achieve…

  • Avatar crescentish says:


  • Avatar Kerozen says:

    Anonymous shouldn’t act on stuff like this… This just makes their image get worse

    • Avatar watky says:

      its not real anonymous its just kids pretending at being anonymous.. thats the thing about anonymous they can be anyone.. so you get the immature amongst the benevolent and malevolant

  • Avatar Tim Sutton says:

    That’s retarded.

    It’s been made clear to the BBC there’s huge public support for Clarkson, so they know they don’t have to react to the loonies who hate him on principle.. now just let the BBC sort it out based on what actually happened.

    They do tend to get these things right.

    Edit: Just sign the petition instead!

    • Avatar watky says:

      lol they tend to get it right… operation yewtree anyone??? decades of abuse is hardly getting it right

      • Avatar Tim Sutton says:

        Yeah good point, sex abuse cases from the 70s in hospitals and care homes are completely relevant to how well the BBC now handles its internal investigations of complaints.

        You muppet.

  • Avatar Zeed says:

    You go guys DO IT !!!

  • Avatar grumpytrooper says:

    Anonymous don’t do DDoS attacks…….and you can’t call anyone who mounts a DDoS attack a hacker as it is not hacking it’s sending requests on a massive scale to overload a server.

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