Anonymous Claims They Are Responsible for Crippling Turkey

Anonymous has made recent news with taking part in and claiming hacks against several large groups, their latest campaign being targeted against ISIS (now more commonly known as ISIL or Daesh), with splinter groups even supporting the FBI with information. Now it would seem that they are not only directly attacking the group but also those that might support it.

According to reports from Radware and a claim from their own twitter stating that they had been part of the an operation that took down some of Turkey’s websites.

The group claims that they are targeting ISIS due to Erdogan’s support of ISIS and directly funding them by purchasing oil from the group.

With several servers working with peaks of 200 GBPS the attack is stated to have left more than 400,000 websites down across turkey and internet traffic throughout the country intermittent at best.

The attack was so bad that eventually all traffic to the country was cut off in an attempt to shut down the attack, however, the attacks was still going on several days later.

The claims are considered strong with Anonymous later posting links to a news site claiming that a telephone found on an ISIS commander contained messages from Turkish Intelligence Services.

One thing can be said for sure, though, Anonymous are known for conducting large-scale cyber attacks and organising something like this would not be out of the ordinary for them.