Anidees AI-06 V2 Silent Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Final Thoughts


The Anidees AI-06 V2 Mid-Tower Chassis is available from Overclockers UK for £104.99, admittedly, this is a little higher than I was expecting, but when you factor in extra features such as the brushed aluminium top and front panels, noise dampening materials, card reader and fan hub/controller, it’s not as expensive as seems. I would like to see it closer to £80/90 to be more competitive, but show me a consumer that doesn’t want to get more for less!


There’s a lot to love about this chassis, and it’s a noticeable improvement over the original Anidees AI-06 and shows their commitment to keeping their products relevant and packed full of the kind of features their customers really want. The biggest improvement is without a doubt the cooling support, and by adding in removable hard drive bays and extra 120/140mm fan mounts, the chassis can now handle enthusiast air cooling, custom loop water cooling, and a wide range of AIO solutions with ease, giving you all the cooling potential you could possibly need. This is helped greatly by the fan hub, and the connected fan speed controller, allowing you to not only hook up more fans but also create the balance you need between performance and silence when you need to.

The cable routing solutions work really well, although a small improvement would be increasing the size of the rubber grommets near the PSU, as they feel a little cramped and this would only get worse as you add more cables for extra storage, expansion cards and so on.

The overall build quality is rock solid, with a durable frame and thick panels that are sure to last many years without fault. The overall finish is great too, with a carefully applied matte black finish that contrasts nicely with the well-finished plastics, as well as the thick brushed texture of the black aluminium on the front and top panels. Two good quality fans are pre-installed, which helps improve the value for money, and all the airflow you’ll need for a modest build, but with so many cooling mounts, it’s likely you’ll remove these and create your own cooling configuration anyway. The sound dampening materials are very nicely applied and thick enough to give maximum benefit, with layer applied to the front and side panels, as well as a durable top panel with side ventilation which will help limit how much sound can be heard from your system overall. The design is certainly aesthetically pleasing. It’s stylish enough to complement a high-end gaming build, even more so with the windowed edition which now features a much larger window to show off your build. However, it’s also smart enough that it wouldn’t look out of place in the office or any other professional environment.


  • Durable build quality
  • Stylish and professional looking design
  • Comprehensive front panel I/O
  • Good quality noise dampening materials pre-applied
  • Brushed aluminium finish on top and front panels
  • Magnetic front panel door
  • Greatly improved air/water cooling mounts
  • Three modular hard drive caddies with tool free 3.5″ mounts
  • 5.25″ to 2.5″ adapter pre-installed (removable)


  • Bottom routing grommets could be bigger


  • A little more expensive than expected

Anidees AI-06 V2 Silent Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Thank you Anidees for providing us with this sample.