Anidees AI-06 V2 Silent Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Complete System

The total built time on this system was around 25 minutes, which is fairly modest given the end result. I did have to remove the front hard drive bays or at least a section of them as the Sapphire R9 270X was 5mm t00 long to be installed. Of course, the GPU we have used is quite large, so it’s unlikely most people will have this issue, but even with it removed we still have one upper and three lower 3.5″ bays at our disposal.

Cable routing is looking neat and tidy, but for some reason, the two cable routing holes here are much smaller than they look and it was a little tricky passing PSU cables through them, so larger cutouts on future models please Anidees!

Again, neat and tidy cable routing here with the grommets being in a good position for the motherboard ports.

One benefit of the removed hard drive bays is that the front mounted cooling is more direct to the back of the GPU; it won’t make a huge difference, but it certainly won’t hurt cooling either.

More than enough room here for multiple expansion cards and even wider expansion cards will prove no issue. This is also good news for water cooling, as you’ll have room to run tubing and joints beside the cards.

The width also means a good amount of space for a larger air cooler, while those using an AIO will find more than enough room to install thicker radiator designs on the rear mounting.

Overall, a neat and tidy build. The cable routing holes could be bigger near the PSU and the soft padding on the rear panel makes it harder to slide back on over some cables, but neither of these issues are a deal breaker for us.