Angry Birds Maker Rovio Denies Allowing NSA To Spy On Its Users

Reports from Edward Snowden about alleged NSA spying techniques and ‘how deep the rabbit hole goes’ information have been rolling in since last year. The latest being a highly classified documentation relating to the collaboration between the NSA and GCHQ on collecting private user data for popular mobile applications such as Angry Birds. Following the accusations, Rovio released a press statement in which they denied having collaborating with either party to allow collection of private user data from their application

Rovio has clearly underlined the reports about their popular game as purely “speculations”, and if the reports about the agencies’ techniques in collecting the data are true, no device that “visits ad-enabled websites or uses ad-enabled applications is immune to such surveillance.”. However, the statement does not mention anything about the Angry Birds application might have failed at protecting its user database full of personal information.

Both agencies, as stated in the report, are able to collect data such as call logs, text messages, emails and more by simply exploiting popular mobile applications, but there was nothing in the documents which could hint at the companies which develop the applications could have directly collaborated with the NSA.

Thank you Ubergizmo for providing us with this information