American Navy Still Using XP, Will Get Custom Patches From MS

If the reason you were intending to leave XP behind was because it just isn’t cool enough, then think again. According to a report the United States navy is one of the government bodies in America still using Windows XP as its primary operating system. Since Microsoft has withdrawn official support for the operating system the American Navy have signed an agreement with Microsoft for them to continue to provide extended support and custom patches to ensure their PCs are kept safe and secure until an OS migration is made.

“Given the scale and scope of Windows XP’s use, the Department has a Custom Support Agreement with Microsoft that provides support for all critical security hotfixes and helps maintain our security posture for both ashore and afloat networks,” a Navy spokesperson added.

The deal between Microsoft and the U.S Navy lasts 3 years and is worth $3.6 million.

Source: PilotOnline, Via: Softpedia

Image courtesy of Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Larry S. Carlson