American Gamer Who Flew to UK to Kill Woman Receives Life Sentence

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Shane Coffey, a 20-year-old American gamer who attacked a British woman in a chaotic knife attack, has been sentenced to a life sentence. After pleading guilty for attempted murder and grievous bodily harm, the American will have to serve at least eight-and-half-years.

Coffey was from Boston, Massachusetts, and broke into the 19-year-old woman, Farha Dowlut’s, home in Epsom, Surrey, on April 18, and then attacked her with a hunting knife. The victim’s 23-year-old brother was able to intervene to stop the attack before local police arrived.

Coffey and the victim first began communicating online when she was 14-years-old, and the blossoming relationship began to fizzle out after Coffey reportedly hacked her computer. He had her address because they exchanged several Christmas gifts with one another, and began chatting again in November 2013.

However, in March 2014, Dowlut told Coffey to “get out of her life,” and that is when the online relationship took a sinister turn – Coffeey already had a ticket booked for the UK, and passed through customs with cable ties, tape, and a hunting knife. Shortly thereafter, the attack took place, and the victim sustained cuts to her arms, legs and chest, along with post-traumatic stress from the incident.

A Surrey Police spokesman noted:

“This case was extremely complex and involved a set of unusual circumstances which could never have been foreseen by the victims. Coffeey had previously been in contact with the two victims through online gaming. He persisted in harassing them even after they tried to break off communication and in April travelled to their address from America without their knowledge or invitation.”

(Thank you to Daily Mail for providing us with this information. Image courtesy of YourLocalGuardian)

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12 Comments on American Gamer Who Flew to UK to Kill Woman Receives Life Sentence

  • Avatar COMMICZAR says:

    very poor headline from eTeKnix, expected a more balanced view from your goodselves , why concentrate on his gamer history and no mention of his mental dis-order in the headline

    • Avatar Marian Baiatu says:

      What gamer history? They only mention he was a gamer. Did they state what was he playing? No, Did they say what game he and the victim were playing? No. Lets put the gamer tag in the title, this will make it more interesting. Pathetic!

      • Avatar Porkalicious says:

        yeah, they only mentions communicating and him buying her games and such for christmas. (in the daily mail article). They shoul’ve put like “student” or “youth” there instead.

  • Avatar Scion says:

    YES, it was the gaming is that did it! It was all because of the games!!! We should now ban games, movies, music, books and social interaction. Once we are born we shall have robots put us in a little isolation boxes and the world will be a safe place for all.

    /The End.

    • Avatar David says:

      What the hell are you even talking about? Nobody has tried blaming games. They mentioned that he is a gamer because they met through a game. If you’re not going to read the article then don’t comment on the article.

      • Avatar Scion says:

        Let see: Title insinuates it was because he’s an “American Gamer”. Then in the image they include Dead Island art… selective information highlighted multiple times to enforce the idea that there is an important correlation between the fact that he is a gamer and committed murder. (Something that most media sites cannot resists pulling).

        Proper factual journalism would have removed all the click-bait BS in the title and image. The article could have just mentioned that they met via a game, but to constantly iterate the importance of that games were involved reveals how Eteknix is trying to pull views via sensationalism.

        Nevermind, I’ll just unsub from this website. Their loss.

  • Avatar Jay Loxton-Jacklin says:

    whats more disturbing is how in the hell did he get on the plane with the knife and stuff,luggage is scanned even if its not going on board.

    • Avatar Richard says:

      you can take knives in your stowed luggage, you can also take guns on some airlines as long as it is stowed

  • Avatar Juhan Arold says:

    Why eteknix? I am so disappoint!
    I really hope that you get your shit together and never choose such poor headlines again. The fact that he’s a gamer has almost nothing to do with the killing and should not be highlighted in that fashion.

  • Avatar Porkalicious says:

    Soooo “gamer” is now an offically accepted proffession to include in news and stuff instead of like “student”? Even if the arcticle itself doesn’t mention him gaming at all (except including Dead Island Riptide in the picture, for some random reason). He was just a basic, insane stalker.

    • Avatar Blackguy says:

      Exactly, just because he is a gamer (which is still to be proved lol) does mean it was the reason he made this… sometimes news site has the worst of news…

  • Avatar Degeneracy says:

    Lost respect from this site. Just unsubscribed

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