AMD’s Vishera and Hondo to get public preview in 2 weeks

AMD’s Vishera and Trinity line up.

Like it does every year, AMD is going to be showing off some of its latest innovations around the same time as Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) event. This will be in an effort to try and divert some of the journalists and media publications away from Intel towards AMD.

What are they going to be showing off? Well Vishera and Hondo are apparently on the menu. Vishera is Bulldozer’s successor, boasting better power efficiency, higher clock speeds and hopefully better performance at a clock per clock level.

Hondo is AMD’s special low power part, consuming just 4.5W peak TDP and 2W average. We don’t really know any specifications about this part but it will be very interesting indeed.

AMD will also show us some more of Trinity, but since Trinity has already been released and reviewed to the OEM market they probably won’t be able to show us anything we don’t already know. Trinity for consumers is expected in October.

Stay tuned with eTeknix and we’ll make sure we bring you all the latest news from AMD’s event and the Intel Developer Forum over the coming few weeks.