AMD’s Upcoming Flagship Radeon R9 Fury X2 Pictured

During E3 last year, AMD displayed their revised graphics card line-up which revolved around the latest Fiji architecture and slightly tweaked 300 series GPUs. The Fury X was designed to compete with NVIDIA’s GTX 980Ti and finally offer a true alternative to the current top-end solutions. Sadly, even with the revolutionary HBM and smaller form factor, the graphics card just fell short during performance benchmarks. On another note, the Fury X has a very similar price point to a custom cooled 980Ti judging by the current market. The low yields of HBM and controversy surrounding the Cooler Master AIO patent dispute made the Fury X’s launch fairly turbulent.

AMD also announced a dual graphics card solution entitled, the R9 Fury X2. This was described as the fastest graphics card on the market, featuring 512 texture mapping units, 128 render output units, 128 GCN compute units, 8192 stream processors and a memory bandwidth of 1 Terabyte per second. Rather surprisingly, the graphics card still hasn’t been released, even though a great deal of time has passed. Furthermore, AMD is working on the Polaris range which should launch sometime later this year. Either Polaris is less powerful than we imagined, or AMD has encountered some major problems with the Fury X2 which made them delay it.

Yesterday, AMD’s corporate vice president, Roy Taylor posted a picture on social media channels of the Tiki PC. Here we can see the Fury X2 on show, which appears to adopt a traditional form factor we come to expect from GDDR5 based products. The GPU resembles two Nano cards positioned together and it will be interesting to see the thermal performance on AMD’s reference cooler design. Hopefully, this latest tease suggests the Fury X2 is launching soon, and ready to become the fastest graphics card on the market. I really think AMD has to move quickly and find a suitable price because Pascal is arguably coming in the new few months and could dethrone the Fury X2.