AMD’s Next Generation Only Brings One new Chip

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We’ve seen rumours about the AMD Radeon R9 300 series for quite some time now. and with the release dates getting closer each day, more and more of these rumours are compiled into more reliable information.

The 390 and 380 series are confirmed for a Q2 2015 release, but the other release times are more or less speculations based on history and leaks, but they seem very likely.

One of the almost sad things bout this is the use of GCN 1.1 (Graphic Core Next) in the 380 and 380x and it shows us that we’ll only really get one new chip in this generation – the Fiji used in the 390 and 390x cards.

Where the R9 380 series will be a rebranded R9 290, the 370 will be a rebrand of the current R9 285 – but when we say rebrand it just means that they will use the same chip architecture. Clock speeds and other aspects might have been tuned and optimised.

So, the wait is almost over for those who want to get their hands on AMD’s next gen cards with HBM memory.

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4 Comments on AMD’s Next Generation Only Brings One new Chip

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I’m excited, but not excited… Really feel like AMD should have left this round and gone for a smaller process node (<20nm).

    And for sure gone with 16GB for the 395X2 and 8GB for the reference 390X. But we'll see, I'm sure it will perform where needed.

    I'm gaming on 2 x 3440 x 1440 so my requirements for a powerful graphics card are high, and obviously if they can improve on high definition/resolution gaming then all the better.

    I do worry about the power envelope, as currently I have to run dual fans on my 295X2 to stop it from reaching the 65oC throttling temp any news on what AMD will be doing to control that or increase the limit?

  • Avatar 12John34 says:

    Trinidad could be a new chip also. A small GCN 1.3 chip to validate a little more the newest design before throwing the big Fiji in the market. That could explain the rumors that Trinidad 360, 360X based cards will come one month earlier. The use of Pitcrain in those cards is not a good idea considering that DX12 drivers are still not ready for GCN 1.0 cards.

  • Avatar Travis Christensen says:

    Explain to me why in the hell you will need a 8192-bit with an 8GB card, or even 4096-bit with 4GB? Just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Avatar andre silva says:

    Amd has tostop rebranding cards, for example in this generation we all expect HBM on all cardsand not only in the top tier ones…

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