AMD Zen Ready for OEM High-End PCs by End of Year

After releasing their poor 2015 financial results, AMD does have some more good news coming out for 2016. As most of you will already know, AMD’s upcoming Zen CPUs will launch and become available sometime in late 2016, likely towards the tail end. As part of the financial release, CEO Lisa Su revealed some key details about the Zen timeline. Chief among them is that Zen will be available for OEM partners to ship high-end PCs before the end of the year.

For the past few launches, AMD has suffered from issues of short initial supply, driving up costs for fans and other early adopters. This meant even if AMD has a great product, customers simply could get it and others may be turned away by the inflated prices. OEM partners tend to require and ship a whole lot more CPUs and systems than DIY builders. If AMD is able to supply the OEMs with adequate numbers of Zen chips, it should mean that DIY builders will also be able to purchase them without issue, making for a smooth launch with plenty of product.

OEMs being able to ship Zen systems by years end also points to the fact that Zen will likely be well on time and any issues with the new 14nm LPP process have been resolved. With over 40%+ IPC increase, Zen may finally be what’s needed for AMD to make a comeback in the CPU market.