AMD Update Product Roadmap For 2014-2015

Digitimes reports that AMD has revised its product roadmap for 2014-2015 due to changes in the industry. AMD will proceed with the unveiling of its Volcanic Islands GPU family in late-September 2013. In the first quarter of 2014 they will apparently unveil their fourth generation of APUs codename Kaveri and Kabini. Kabini in socket ST3 for notebooks and FS1B for desktops while Kaveri is still believed to be FM2+. Mass production begins in February 2014 and public announcements in March.

“The Kabini-based APUs will have power consumption of 25W and AMD will release two quad-core models, A4-5350 and A4-5150, as well as a dual-core model E1-2650.”

Kabini’s successor “Beema” is also rescheduled for a launch in the second half of 2014 or first half of 2015 and will also adopt the FS1B socket for AMD’s Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA).

“AMD’s FM1 and AM3 sockets will start phasing out in mid-2013 and the end of 2013, respectively. By the end of 2013, Socket AM3+ processors will account for 30% of AMD’s total processor shipments, while Socket FM2-based processors will account for the remaining 70%.”

In 2015 AMD is expected to release Carrizo based APUs featuring the Excavator architecture with two power consumptions specifications of 45W and 65W, these will replace Kaveri. Nolan will be brought in 2015 to replace Beema.

To clarify potential confusion here is a summary of the changes to the APU roadmap:

  • High End Desktop APU – Kaveri (Q1 2014) -> Carrizo (2015)
  • Mobile and Entry Level Desktop APU – Kabini (Q1 2014) -> Beema (H2 2014/H1/2015) – > Nolan (H2 2015)

The future of AMD’s AM3+ processors remains mysteriously unknown. Plans of a successor for the FX AM3+ series is not detailed yet, we may see one, we may not.

Image courtesy of AMD