AMD TWKR CPU ends up on eBay

One of AMDs TWKR Processors has ended up on eBay, but don’t worry it’s all for a good cause. Earlier in July AMD very quietly launched its Phenom II 42 TWKR Black Edition processor to the overclocking community. With under 100 (some reports state only 40) of these highly prized CPUs produced, this is a very rare processor indeed and one that will never be released for sale. The ones that AMD have manufactured are already in the hands of both overclocking sites and press around the world.

For those who have not heard of the TWKR, it’s a super handpicked technical demonstration CPU aimed at the extreme overclocking community. The TWKR name reportly stands for “Those Who Know”, which was then altered with the addition of an R to make it text speak for tweaker! The CPU itself it clocked at 2 GHz stock, but as it’s completely unlocked and appears to have huge overclocking potential it’s clearly something very special. According to an AMD spokesperson the TWKR was released to “demonstrate the sound engineering and superior process technology that is in each AMD Phenom II processor,”. So I guess you could call this a PR CPU, if such a thing exists.

It seems that one of the recipients didn’t want to overclock this fantastic processor, but instead very kindly donated it (with AMDs permission) to charity by listing it for sale on eBay. Currently at the time of writing this particular TWKR is currently at $11,300 USD (approximately £6,880 GBP). So if you’ve just won the lottery or are very well off and want the best overclocking CPU out there, then get bidding: AMD Phenom II TWKR Black Edition Processor (eBay Listing). It’s also worth a mention that all the money goes to a very worthy cause, Family Eldercare, a non-profit organization in Austin, Texas who provide essential services for elders, adults with disabilities and those who care for them.

[COLOR=#84878E][FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=black]So in a little under 4 days one very lucky (and rich) bidder will have won, one of rarest and most sought after processors in the world, regarded as the best overclocking CPU any manufacturer has produced so far, with speeds of 6Ghz+ on Liquid Nitrogen reported by AMDs own testing team. You can read about it on their blog: AREA 64 Presents: The TWKR…. With a 100% overclock to 4 GHz on stock volts very easily achieved, it’s very clear that one of these chips will no doubt hold the world’s highest overclock record for some time to come. Although all of this speed comes at a price and that is heat, this could well be the hottest running processors ever made, but then what do you expect at 6Ghz+!

If nothing else this gives us quick look into what the future holds for performance processors and the future is fast, very fast and very very hot!


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